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Our Purpose

The “Beans for Life” campaign was created by Northarvest Bean Growers Association, a farmer-led coalition representing North America’s largest supplier of dry beans, to raise awareness, and create a positive narrative around the health and wellness benefits of consuming beans. 


With the intention of helping to educate and engage, the “Beans for Life” campaign will provide consumers with easy ways to incorporate dry beans into their favorite recipes, tips for preparing and maximizing the flavor profiles of dry beans, and the many health benefits that dry beans offer when properly integrated into your diet. 


Thanks to the unique combination of very productive soil, abundant rainfall, warm summer days, and cold cleansing winters, farmers in central North Dakota and western Minnesota grow pinto, navy, black, dark red kidney, light red kidney, white kidney, Great northern, pink, small red, and cranberry beans in great abundance. Because dry beans restore crucial nitrogen back into the soil and can be stored without refrigeration for long periods of time, beans are not just good for your body, but also good for the planet. 


Beans. For. Life.

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Welcome to “Beans for Life!”

Molly Yeh from the Food Network’s “Girl Meets Farm” here.


As an avid bean lover, and wife to a bean-growing Minnesota farmer, I am excited to share with you a new campaign by Northarvest Bean Growers Association -- “Beans for Life!”


Our hope is that we can help educate and inform others on the health and wellness benefits of eating dry beans through simple, easy recipes -- that also happen to be delicious. As a farming family, it’s important to my grower husband and I that consumers know where their food comes from. Well, I can tell you that over one half of the U.S. bean production comes from my little corner of the world in North Dakota and Minnesota. 


Not only are beans accessible, affordable and easy to prepare, research shows us that consuming ½ cup of dry beans per day can lead to great health benefits! That little ½ cup per day could increase your life expectancy, help fight cancer, prevent heart disease, combat obesity and prevent or manage diabetes. It’s crazy what these little beans can do!


With many families spending more time at home, juggling distance learning and adapting to the changes that the pandemic has brought us, we all need a little help these days menu planning. Beans are a great food to integrate easily into your family’s meals to ensure they’re getting healthy options without having to break the bank. Plus, beans are FUN! And really so full of flavor.

- yeh!

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